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Morning Industry Inc. is a leading manufacture in Keyless Entry Door Locks, and currently expanding into home automation.  Morning Industry Inc. established in 1975, and open first USA location in 1999 specializes in electronic door hardware.  Now offering a wide variety of door locks including knob, levers, deadbolts, and handle sets with keypad and/or remote control functions.   Morning Industry Inc. has millions of locks sold and many sell every day. Now venturing into home automation Morning Industry is bringing in affordable DIY shower panels and Internet door locks.  These shower panels have no need for professional installation and come with professional results.  
The Internet door locks are an addition to our current line NOT a completely different system like others have. 
Our Internet door locks also have NO monthly charge like other door locks do. Morning Industry Inc. strives to give consumers quality day in and day out.  Safety, security, luxury, and affordability all wrapped in one. 
Morning Industry Inc. is making our lives easier one product at a time.